This year we’re leaving the subject’s up to each of the three participants, Anders, Krista and Jessy.  Our restrictions are based on the focal length of the lens being used, and each focal length will be shot exclusively for a month.  The goal is to learn, how to better our composition skills based on the lens/method, and to get us to stop and think a bit more about what we’re doing, and what we want, while not being worried about shooting a specific subject.  Because of the sharing several of the lenses, different people will be shooting with different focal lengths, or methods, hopefully leading to more diversity for you, the viewer.  As much there will be a month where one or more of the participants may not have access to that months lens, so we will try to come up with an alternative.

Please feel free to Like posts you enjoy, or leave comments on the posts or shoot us an email via the Shout page.  Here is how the project lays out:

2013 RYLC shooting schedule:


  • Anders: 28mm
  • Krista: 50mm
  • Jessy: 50mm


  • Anders: 50mm
  • Krista: 28mm
  • Jessy: 28mm


  • Anders: 16mm
  • Krista: 70/70 Macro (lens)
  • Jessy: 18


  • Anders: 70mm/70 Macro (Lens)
  • Krista: 16
  • Jessy: 70mm


  • Anders: Pinhole
  • Krista: Low Resolution P&S (3MP)
  • Jessy: Film (or Film Substitute)


  • Anders: Low Resolution P&S (3MP)
  • Krista: Pinhole
  • Jessy: Pinhole


  • Anders: Film
  • Krista: Film
  • Jessy: Low Resolution P&S (3MP)


  • Anders: iPhone
  • Krista: iPhone
  • Jessy: iPhone


  • Anders: 210mm
  • Krista: 105mm
  • Jessy: 105/125mm


  • Anders: Macro Only (any Focal Length)
  • Krista: Macro Only (any Focal Length)
  • Jessy: Macro (or Substitute)


  • Anders: 105
  • Krista: 205mm
  • Jessy: (205mm Substitute)


  • Anders: B/W
  • Krista: B/W
  • Jessy: B/W